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Configuring the Class Filter shortcode in Action Rabbit
Configuring the Class Filter shortcode in Action Rabbit

Getting started configuring the Class Filter shortcode.

When you have navigated to the class filter shortcode page you will select the first tab option titled “Class Filter”

select class filter

The Class Filter Shortcode Options:

Remember, the Class Filter is a filtering mechanism to guide users through your categories. There are a few shortcode options to toggle with and change around. Also, please note, you can include as many class filters in your website as you like. They can all have different options.

  1. Exclude a Location – This options allows you have a the class filter ignore certain locations. Just click on the locations you want to remove from the class filter.  Also, when the class filter detects there to ONLY be 1 available location it will remove the location selection step from your Class Filter. If your website has multiple location pages and you want a class filter on each location page you would exclude the locations that don’t pertain to that individual location.
    exclude location from class filter
  2. Exclude a Category – This option allows you to have the class filter ignore (not show) certain categories. Just click on the categories you want the class filter to ignore. Also, when the class filter detects there to ONLY be 1 following category or no following categories it will auto select and move on to the next category.
    exclude categories
  3. Filter Format Options – This option allows you to choose between the Image Box format and the Button Format. These two separate options are shown below.
  4. Show Filter Step Tracker – This option allows you to choose if you show the step tracker in your class filter.

Copy & Paste your Shortcode.

After you get your Class Filter looking the way you want just copy the shortcode by clicking the “Copy” button below the shortcode.

copy the class filter shortcode

After you have copied the shortcode. Navigate to the page or post (or wherever) and paste in the shortcode and save it. You should make sure it renders the way you want. Remember, Action Rabbits’ tools are responsive but that doesn’t mean you can add them in a tiny space and it will respond to it. You need to give the tools ample space to display.

Class Filter Short Code Attributes:

A shortcode attribute is a way that you pass information to the short code. The shortcode builders do this for you but you can find the attributes listed by clicking the button labeled “View Shortcode Attributes”. NEW: See attributes 8 – 11. There are some nifty things you can do 🙂

Class Filter Short Codes


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