A few simple requirements


The obvious requirement is that your website is using WordPress. We will assume if you are here that you have that taken care of already. 

wp_footer() & wp_head()

ActionRabbit needs wp_footer() & wp_head() to be placed in your themes corresponding header & footer file. This should be a no brainer for most reasonable theme developers. Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning. 

ActionRabbit enqueues default ActionRabbit styles in the header of your website. This helps styles get read immediately which most web administrators prefer. ActionRabbit also enqueues the javascript it needs to run in the footer of your WordPress website so it can defer parsing until the document has mostly loaded. Action rabbit comes with a default gif loader which can be replaced at your preference to show that content is being loaded while the javascript runs and pulls classes down from Jackrabbit Class’s class feed.

Google Analytics Gtag.js

If you opt to use Google Analytics with ActionRabbit you would need to have Gtag installed on your website. If you already have this in place you don’t need to worry about implementing this. But if you don’t, you should default to google analytics preferred config. That means that you should install your tracking code in the header.php file of your WordPress theme. 

For more information about how to add Gtag.js to your website, consult your web developer or whoever handles your website. You can also view google analytics documentation. If you have a legacy version of google analytics you may consider upgrading your implementation. ActionRabbit Google Analytics will not work with old legacy versions of Google Analytics.