Class Table

This Jackrabbit Class Table lists classes in table format. This can be useful when showing class lists with a start and end date.

Perfect for short-term, temporary, classes.

Choose what classes you want to display in the Jackrabbit class table and your users we have a conventional way to find the best class times for their future schedules. For ongoing weekly classes we suggest the Jackrabbit Class Calendar.

Short Term classes

Display the class(es) you want

Choose a location and a categor(y/ies) and display whichever classes you want. Depending on how categories are set up you may choose to display a single class level or multiple levels.

Class table selection

Choose the columns you want to show on your class table

The information you display on your class table is entirely up to your discretion. Options include:

  1. Class title
  2. Location
  3. Age range
  4. Gender
  5. Start date
  6. Start time
  7. End date
  8. End rime
  9. Days of the week
  10. Spaces available
  11. Instructors
    1. Instructor Name
    2. Instructor Thumbnail

Choose the best format for your Jackrabbit class setup

Class table columns
color wheel

Table Customization

Customize the look, feel, and information displayed in your class calendar. Change headings, terminology, days shown on the calendar, and colors to match your school’s branding.

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