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How to set the class filter order, labels, more information, and loader in Action Rabbit
How to set the class filter order, labels, more information, and loader in Action Rabbit

Setting the order and labels for the Class Filters.

The purpose of this step is to give schools the freedom to use the Class Filter in a manner that allows them to not have to rethink how their categories are set up. The Class Filter is designed to allow users to filter down through Jackrabbit categories to get to the class that works for their circumstance. However some schools might have their categories set up in different ways. Let’s give two examples.

School 1:

  • Category 1 :: Parent & Me (Class Type)
  • Category 2 :: Level 1 (Class Level)
  • Category 3 :: Weekly (Class Frequency)

School 2:

  • Category 1 :: Tuesday Thursday (Class Days)
  • Category 2 :: Ninja Zone (Class Type)
  • Category 3 :: Chuck Norris (Instructor Name)

For school 1 it might make sense to filter the usual way Cat 1 > Cat 2 > Cat 3. However, school 2 might want to filter by Cat 2, Cat 1 > Cat 3

It’s also possible that a school doesn’t use all the categories.

So the Display and Order preferences allows you to change the labels and order to fit the schools Jackrabbit Organization.

class filter order

To change the order drag the categories into the order that suits you.

!Help my “Back” button doesn’t work!

By default, the class filter will jump over a category/step if there is only one option, but it can only do this once. If you have a class with two categories that don’t have multiple options it will have trouble trying to go back multiple steps. Here’s what you can do. Open the Customization drawer and select “Filter Order Preferences”. Then click the Eye Icon next to the category that is being jumped over. This will remove a step and increase the likelihood that the filter acts the way you want. You can also re-order the filter to see if that helps. NEW: You can also enable the Start Over option via the class filter short code attributes.

Defining what classes show in Table format

At the top of the display and order preferences there is a section that allows you to set the logic for displaying classes in a table view.

table view logic

You can select a bunch of criteria or only a single piece of criteria. Lets look at an example:

You have 2 classes

Class 1 has the following categories:

  1. Category 1 = Tumbling
  2. Category 2 = Advanced
  3. Category 3 = Summer Camp

Class 2 has the following categories:

  1. Category 1 = Tumbling
  2. Category 2 = Advanced
  3. Category 3 = Weekly

You want to display Tumbling summer camp in a table format because it is only 2 weeks in duration.

You would specify:

Category 1 :: equals :: Tumbling AND Category 3 :: equals :: Summer Camp

This would only show the summer camp in table format. Or, if you wanted ALL category 3 summer camps to be shown in table format you could say

Category 3 :: equals :: Summer Camp

Or, if you wanted ALL classes that don’t have category 3 set to ‘Weekly’ to be shown as a table you could say

Category 3 :: not equals :: Weekly

Set how “more Info” will show up.

You can select 1 of two options. Either a Modal or a Side Drawer. Your location or category long information will appear as “more info” in the way specify.

Here’s what these look like.

Modal   Drawer


Setting a .Gif Loader for your Action Rabbit Tools

Action Rabbit allows you to set a custom Gif loader that displays for all our tools when we are pulling data into them when they are firing up. This loader may only display for a second or less. But it provides the micro experience that sets great websites apart from good websites. If you don’t want to use the default loader just add your own and you will look like a super pro.

select a custom gif loader


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