Mapping your Instructors

How to map instructors in Action Rabbit
How to map instructors in Action Rabbit

Do you need to setup your instructors?

Let’s put it like this. The more info you provide the better the experience is for your users. And to be honest, this is reaaaaaalllllyyyy simple. If you don’t want to change your instructors public facing names, skip that part. But adding a small bio image of the instructors helps with aesthetics. And if you have an instructor named “Jezebel Monetenegro Fandango” make sure to leave it as is. That is impeccable.

So if you want to set up your instructors here is what you do. 

First, navigate to the “class instructors” page.

setup instructors

When you are on the Class Instructors page you can do add 2 pieces of information.

  1. An Instructor bio pic. To do so click the Image icon to the left of the instructors name.instructor bio pic
  2. An instructor nick name or abbreviated name. change instructor name

There are two additional buttons “Delete Map” & “Delete Instructor”. Here is what they do.

  1. Delete Map – This just removes the bio pic and name from the instructors map. The instructor is still saved in wordpress. This is just a quick way to reset the instructor to the way it was when they were first imported.
  2. Delete Instructor – This doesn’t actually delete the instructor inside jackrabbit class. In fact, nothing in the Action Rabbit plugin changes anything whatsoever inside jackrabbit. The instructor will still show in in your classes, but there wont be any mapping and this will save a small amount of space in your WordPress database.

Manually adding an instructor.

The purpose of this feature is to allow instructors that may have just been added to your school to be mapped while waiting for them to actually be put on the active class schedule. Action rabbit ONLY sees active classes. If the instructor is not associated with an active class, Action rabbit can not see them. This is a proactive tool.

Manually add an instructor

Does this all make sense? It does???!!!! Neato!


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