Short Codes

Action Rabbits’ Shortcodes allow schools to implement Jackrabbit Class however they want.

There are a variety of short codes available to Action Rabbit users. Want to know more about WordPress shortcodes? Read this.

Each Jackrabbit Class tool has a Shortcode that enables users to simply drop the shortcode where ever it works for their scenario.

Learn more about the different useful Shortcodes Action Rabbit offers.

  1. Class Filter – [action_rabbit_class_filter]
  2. Weekly Ongoing Class Calendar – [action_rabbit_week_calendar]
  3. Short Term Class Table – [action_rabbit_class_table]
  4. Class Recommendation Wizard – [action_rabbit_class_wizard]
  5. Google Analytics eCommerce – [action_rabbit_confirmation]

Action Rabbit has a shortcode builder

Ok, we realize the concept of shortcodes may be completely new to some school web administrators. So we made a shortcode builder to help you build the appropriate shortcodes right before your very eyes. That is something that you should think is pretty darn cool! You toggle all the settings you want and the shortcode is built right there on the spot and ALL you need to do is copy and past that sucker.

Wait, so you’re telling me all we need to do is copy & paste?

Well…..yes. That’s it.

copy and paste

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